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A Quick, Casual "About Me" Post!

Let's be honest....sometimes clients get curious about their therapist! And much to the horror of the traditionalists among us, I usually have no problem answering client's questions and sharing parts of myself with them (while exercising appropriate boundaries of course)!

So here are some of the most common questions I've receieved from clients/prospective clients, and a few from folks who follow my therapy IG @Guerrero_MentalHealth, just in case you've been wondering too!

Do I have any siblings?

Nope! I'm am only child and an only grandchild!

Am I single or partnered?

My partner and I have been together 11 yrs and married 3.5yrs. We are (happily) childfree with plans to do a LOT of traveling in the next 5-10 years.

Any pets?

Oh yes!! Our basset hound Bruno is almost 7 and he's truly the love of our lives.

Best "fun fact" or weird story?

I was once stung over 30 times by a swarm of jellyfish while snorkeling around Lanai - and found out that I'm highly allergic to them! I had raised, painfully itchy welts the size of half a lime over my entire body for about 6 weeks afterward.

After learning about my fierce love for body modification- do I have any piercings or tattoos?

Of course! I currently have 8 piercings (previously 12 as a teenager) and 4 tattoos- one of them being a half leg sleeve that took over 20 hrs. Plans for much more custom body artwork soon!

Why do I love reading so much?

SO many reasons! But I've often described it as my favorite way to dissociate, and that's been true for literally 30 years. I used books as a safe escape from my tumultuous childhood years when home didn't feel like the safest place, and I loved exploring new worlds thru main characters eyes. Today, it's still one of my favorite ways to relax and give myself a break from the stress of our world and holding space for others in the therapy room.

From IG: Do I still watch Grey's Anatomy??

Wheewww not anymore! I left off something like 8yrs ago maybe?? I miss the OG cast and will never forget huddling on my friends twin xl bed freshman year in the UCSB dorms to watch new episodes every wk on her tiny TV (love you chica!!) 

From IG: What have I been watching recently?

I always find comfort in and love watching cooking competitions (I still remeber Top Chef Season ONE y'all!) and old faves like the Amazing Race. Some of my streaming faves are White Lotus, Deadloch, Queen Charlotte, Stranger Things, & The Last of Us. 

From IG: If I could travel anywhere tomorrow (money + logistics aside), where would it be?

This is always one of the single hardest questions for me to answer! But at this moment- I think it would have to be Italy (for at least a month, starting north around Milan and making my way all the way down to Sicily.) I actually took 3 years of Italian in college (and almost minored in Italian culture), but still haven't been.

From IG: If I weren't a therapist, what would I be doing instead?

I'm pretty sure I'd be involved in film production, probably in the editing department. One of my favorite electives in middle and high school was Video Production, (in college this transformed to Film History instead), and I have truly always loved getting lost in the cool darkness of an editing bay and the magic of Final Cut Pro!


If you've made it this far, I figured I'd throw in a couple fun pictures below to go along with this About Me! Thanks so much for reading and feel free to ask additional questions below if you've been holding on to some!

-Wishing you peace and good health-


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